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For me design is about creating interventions in people’s daily life, about finding out what people want and about reacting to these desires. I love to design for the people. To figure out what the (underlying) reasons are why people do the things they do. To design something that they really want or need, even though they might not know it yet. I think the user-experience, the user-product interaction, the context and social-cultural background are important aspects when designing for real people. I belief in the power of making models and in the power of visual communication. In the design process, I use visual thinking to translate complex content and abstract ideas into effective and efficient communication. Visualizations reduce the complexity and bring your initiative to life, which can be used to inspire people and evoke conversations only then I can be sure the product is going to be a success. This also gives me the opportunity to conduct good user researches. Designing should not stop at a great idea, but should continue with detailing. That’s why I design products that are a combination of a well thought out concept and the right technical details.



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